Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Guaranteed Weight Loss Results!

For our clients suffering from overweight, we guarantee results. We are
well equipped with professionals and equipment to ensure that we can go about a
number of different procedures in ensuring that our clients can safely lose
weight. For all overweight cases, our starting point is examining our clients
and identifying their weight status. This helps us establish which approach we
can use in solving their weight issues. For patients with a BMI of over 35, we
may consider surgery. Surgical weight loss is more serious that medically
supervised weight loss plans. However, if a patient suffers from co-morbidity
such as hypertension or sleep apnea and has a required BMI of 35, most
insurance companies would consider covering the costs for surgical weight loss
for such patients. You should check to confirm with your insurance company as
different companies have different requirements that patients must meet in
order for them to qualify for coverage. 

Medical Approaches for Weight Loss

Weight gain is an issue to not only Florida but also the USA at large.
People are so desperate to lose weight that they end up trusting and applying
non-medically proven strategies to loose pounds. Here, Dr. Christian Birkedal
and his staff use special medically supervised weight loss procedures to ensure
that our clients achieve their targets and get the best services possible. We
start by analyzing our clients, identify their current nutritional intake and
establish what should be an optimum intake for them. We then book appointments
for our clients’ appointments with nutritionists for education on eating a
balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise. We then
monitor the progress of our patients once they start implementing our advice.
In the event that this fails, we consider other medical approaches for weight
loss such as bariatric surgery. Our goal is to give you your desired results
through the safest procedures possible and that is what we guarantee: results!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dr. Birkedal is an Expert in Laparoscopic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery

If you are considering weight loss surgery,
and live in the Daytona Beach area, then you must consider Dr. Christian
Birkedal when deciding on a doctor to perform the weight loss procedure. Dr.
Birkedal has many years of experience in the field of bariatric surgery, hernia
surgery, vascular surgery and is loved by his patients. Having surgery for
weight loss is a life changing decision and you want to be sure that you have
an experienced, caring doctor. Dr. Birkedal is an expert in laparoscopic
surgery and bariatric surgery of all types. With Dr. Birkedal, you will be in
excellent hands. Call today at (386) 231-3530 from Tampa to arrange a
consultation or visit http://www.cbirkedal.com/weight_loss.html

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dr. Birkedal Specializes in All Types of Bariatric Surgery

When you are in need of bariatric surgery,
there is no one better than Doctor Christian Birkedal in Florida. Dr. Birkedal
is highly respected and loved by his patients from all over the Daytona Beach
area. Dr. Birkedal specializes in all types of bariatric surgery, which the
many types of weight loss surgery. This includes the lap band procedure, the gastric
bypass surgery and the gastric sleeve weight loss surgeries. If you are
interested in or have been referred for weight loss surgery, call Dr. Birkedal
today from Port Orange to arrange a consultation at (386) 231-3530 or visit http://www.cbirkedal.com/

Summer! Don’t Go Away Yet! Florida Beaches! Here I Come

Summer is almost over. Rainy days are coming, but still you want to dig for a dive. You want to experience the flush of water, your body to a nice body of water. But where should you go?

Florida I say, and when I say Florida, top beaches are there. It is nicknamed “the Sunshine State” for that reason you know. And here is an article to showcase to you some of the top beaches to consider for a getaway.

Photo Credit: Simon Davison

Clear Water Beach

Want some dolphin show in a cruise, Sun-bathing in white sand, and Playing Volleyball? Clear Water Beach is a Beach that is right for you. Clear Water Beach is located between two bodies of water, Gulf of Mexico to the west and Tampa Bay to the east.  A destination you want if you want yourself to be surrounded by water, literally.

Siesta Key

This is a place where you can’t siesta. There are so many activities in this place. Kayak boating, Catamaran sailing, Shell-collecting, or just strolling around. Or maybe you want some private romantic time with your significant want, Siesta Key offers rental cottages perfect for that intimacy.
Daytona Beach

You will definitely undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery in Daytona Beach. Yeah. Daytona Beach is an authentic American beach that instantaneously stirs the fun in the sun by just saying its name. A place you can showcase your confident body. You can enjoy fishing, boating, surfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. And don’t forget that Daytona Beach is in front of the Atlantic Ocean, that fact sums the assets of this great beach.

New Smyrna Beach

One of the World’s Coolest Surf Towns, New Smyrna is definitely should be on our list. Just like Daytona Beach you will definitely undergo Hernia Surgery in New Smyrna Beach. Yeah. A lot of people carve themselves out to be fit for this beach. Speaking of carving, a lot of people do a speed carving in the sand for their Sand Art Festival. You better be there when that time comes, with a great body, of course.

Summer is still here, and you should unwind before it goes away. Life is short, better get going.