Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weight Loss Surgery and Healthy Living

Losing weight seems like a pretty easy concept but for sure, a lot of people will surely agree that such is not really stress-free. So you know that losing weight can be all about eating less, exercising more, etc. You may even started a 'go-to diet. But the question is, “What happens once you stop the workout program”? The sad thing is that you may just gain the weight back, sometimes with a few extra pounds thrown in. So you see?  The secret to achieving the body that you have always wanted is steadiness. You need to remember that weight loss is a long term goal.

Healthy living

Weight loss is such an intricate process but you've got to know some easy ways related to weight loss surgery in Jacksonville. You just need to make sure that you are with a credible team. It is a serious thing that you are facing so you have to make sure that you get things right. You may want to learn about the new adjustable gastric banding. It is a preventive type of weight loss surgery. It works by placing a silicone band with an expandable inner collar around the upper stomach to restrict food intake. This is going to create a slight pouch and a thin passage to the lower stomach. This is going to delay the clearing of food from the pouch and causes a feeling of pudginess.

If you are thinking about undergoing weight loss surgery, why not? More and more people- both men and women are undergoing weight loss surgery every year. We even see celebrities doing it. Exercise is also an important factor in weight loss for those who opt for weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is one of the most common thoughts of people when it comes to weight loss surgery. It is one thing that you should also consider.

On the face of it, weight loss surgery may sound simple but it is undoubtedly not for those who want a quick fix or who simply don’t want to diet.You have to be responsible when it comes to your lifestyle. You are doing it for yourself so you need to be sure that you are doing it right. It is a responsibility that you owe yourself. If you feel great and healthy, you will certainly get more productive. You can do more and live more!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How Bariatric Surgery Can Save You?

Bariatric surgery continues to benefit many people that are unfortunately suffering from obesity. The last thing that you’ll want is to put your health and body at greater risks. That is why you have to do the best that you can so you can finally get away from your health problems. Bariatric surgery in Tampa can be the answer that you have long been waiting for. 

Surgeons performing bariatric surgery to a patient.

Current studies say that bariatric surgery patients are living longer lives than morbidly obese individuals. If you’re going to compare it with a person of normal weight, a 25-year-old obese man has a reduced life span and can expect a loss of about 12 years of life. By reducing excess body weight, this promising procedure can improve the lifespan of individuals. Bariatric surgery can reduce the risk of death by 89 percent with an absolute mortality reduction of 5.49 percent. The following are obesity-related health conditions that may be improved or resolved with bariatric surgery. 

Type 2 diabetes
High blood pressure/heart disease
Dyslipidemia (lipid metabolism abnormalities)
Osteoarthritis of weight-bearing joints
Sleep apnea/respiratory problems
Urinary stress incontinence
Menstrual irregularities
Skin breakdown
Swollen legs/skin ulcers
Extremity venous stasis

Clearly, the most significantadvantageof such fat loss method is losing weight and feeling better. But it is also wise to know that patients who undergo bariatric surgery have significantly reduced rates of developing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, endocrinological disorders, infectious diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, psychiatric disorders, and pulmonary disorders.

Bariatric surgery is a major one so you need to make sure that you are with a reputable team that you can trust. Complications can be minimized but at certain times, they cannot be avoided. You also have to know that bariatric surgery is not cosmetic surgery. It is also not similar to liposuction and it does not involve eliminating fat by suction or surgery. If you have decided to undergo bariatric surgery, you have to get yourself ready to commit to long-term lifestyle changes. That includes diet and exercise. 

Staying healthy is a long term goal that you have to watch. It is a responsibility to yourself so you have to make sure that you get things right. Bariatric surgery can bring the change that you have been waiting for.Weight loss surgery works. But it's a serious stuff — both physically and emotionally so be sure to prepare yourself and your budget too. 

Bariatric Surgery and Things That You Need to Know

If you think that you can already consider yourself obese, you've got to be educated about the best ways to get back in great shape. You have to start working on having a better diet and be sure that you get it balanced. You may also learn about how bariatric surgery in Tampa can help you lose weight and lowers the risk of medical problems associated with obesity. Bariatric surgery contributes to weight loss in two focal ways. 

Bariatric surgery remains as one of the best way to lose weight

The purpose of the surgery is to somehow reduce the amount of food the stomach can hold, which confines the number of calories you can eat. 

The purpose of the surgery is to condense or bypass some parts of the small intestine. This is going to reduce the amount of calories and nutrients that the body absorbs. 

There are four common types of weight-loss surgery. These are the following:

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding
Sleeve gastrectomy
Duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion

Bariatric surgery is a serious method so it is very important that you choose a credible team that you should trust. You also have to be responsible. There are important things that you should mind. Patients are advised to pay attention to the following after the surgery. 

1. Pay attention to signals.
You need to examine yourself very well, like if there are signs of fullness that you experience. It may also be some sort of chest discomfort, pressure or pain. If you notice some of these, the best thing that you have to do is to stop eating or drinking instantly. The very last thing that you should do is to ignore these signals. All you just have to do is to listen to your body. And of course, you need to be sure that you eat the right kinds of food at the right amount. 

2. Eat slowly. 
The slower you eat, the more time your body has to distinguish and send a signal of fullness to your brain, alerting you to stop before "overeating. 

3. Eat right.
You have to be very careful in choosing the right kinds of food that you should eat. You have to stay away from certain foods like cauliflower or broccoli. These can cause abdominal pain due to gas, bloating and cramping. If ever you experience this, you can try to eliminate the food or try preparing the food in a different way. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Goodbye Diet, Hello Weight Loss Surgery

When asked about your preference in losing weight, you answer safely by saying proper diet and workout will be the best choices. But did you know that more people choose to get cut open that to bore themselves in waiting until they are able to starve to death with diet? Check this out or visit Dr. Christian Birkedal!