Thursday, February 12, 2015

Creative and Quick Ways to Lose Weight with Your Friends

There’s one sad thing that we all have to face when it comes to weight gain: that your social life can take you into your worst shape. How many times do you bond with friends and housed a pizza or drank a day’s worth of calories per week? You might find yourself ruining your weight loss goals as you get along with your friends. But you do not have to let your social life instantly undo your pound-dropping progress. Here are quick ways to lose weight in Westchase FL that you can do with your friends.

Set up unusual dates.

You do not have to go for casual drinks and dinner hangouts all the time. Why don’t you do workouts together, for a change?
“Your girlfriends have always been your best support system through work hassles, relationship ups and downs, and family drama,” says Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D., nutritionist at B Nutritious.

Establish a cooking club.

Be sure that your club only cooks healthy dishes. Obtain a source of the healthiest possible ingredients, set up a theme to make cooking more fun, and require everyone to make a good dish that goes well with your chosen theme. You can learn to cook, while enjoying the company of your friends. You may also consider medical weight management in Tampa.

De-stress together

You should know by now how stress can successfully ruin your weight loss goals. But, you can de-stress with your friends.
“Take a yoga class in the morning together, then go for a healthy brunch like eggs, hold the mimosas," says Zeitlin. "After that, go for a spin or aerobics class and hit the steam room or sauna at the end of the day to rest, recover, and congratulate yourselves for making it through."

You may also want to try cheap gastric sleeve surgery as a group.

Photo courtesy of Mike Baird