Monday, December 1, 2014

Three Things to Set Yourself Up for Quick Ways to Lose Weight

Many are on a diet, but not everyone understands that the key to healthy eating is moderation. It means eating only as much food as your body needs and still feeling satisfied at the end of your meal. Moderation has something to do with balance to sustain a healthy body.

1. Practice integrity in other areas of your life.

If you’re on to a specific weight loss intention, make sure that you practice integrity in other areas of your life. This is the advice of Andre Farnell, a certified strength and conditioning coach. All things in your life are interrelated so you might want to pay off your debts, make good on your promises to friends, family, or co-workers.

Stick with promises or obligations you've made in other areas of your life in order to reinforce your own subconscious belief that you are able to sustain the promise of losing weight that you've made to yourself. So before you ask, where I can lose weight in Orlando FL, you might want to take care of some important things first.

2. Set a realistic standard.

So you will see photos of women in magazines and they all have that perfectly-shaped figure you have always wanted. Seeing pictures of super thin models may seem like a good way to stay inspired, but if you are not careful enough on your thoughts, doing so might actually hinder your progress.

Images of Photoshopped models may create unrealistic standards and looking at photos of much-thinner women while logging food intake can make you feel like you will never achieve that look and you’ll stop pursuing that one week weight loss. The key is to set realistic goals and standards. Take it one step at a time and stay motivated with real things.

3. Learn that a little competition can go a long way.

Just like how it usually goes for many areas in your life, following a workout routine may need social influence. When it comes to losing weight, a little competition can actually go a long way. Based on a new study published in the journal Obesity, social influence of team-based weight loss competitions can help you stay motivated to lose up to 20 percent more weight than you would if you did it alone. Competing with a friend might be a great idea. You might as well inspire each other up.

Monday, November 10, 2014

These Include Weight Loss: Little-Known Uses of Anti-Depressants

Antidepressants are the talk of the town lately and since we are promoting active lifestyle, there are particular things that we want to clear out, like taking antidepressants is not only for depression. Not all these drugs are given to patients to cure depression, but can also be used for the treatment of non-psychological conditions. You’re going to see antidepressants in a wider perspective after reading this. The following uses of antidepressants may surprise you. You’ve got to read this if you are looking for a way on how to lose weight quickly in Tyrone FL

For the Treatment of Sleep Issues or Insomnia. “Common antidepressants used to treat sleep problems include trazodone, mirtazapine, amitriptyline, and doxepin,” says Norman E. Rosenthal, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Georgetown University Medical School in Washington, D.C.

Trazodone is an antidepressant medication that can be used for sleep. It was originally intended as an antidepressant, but because of its nature, patients had to take very high doses for it to effectively fight depression and anxiety. Low doses can induce sleep. Today, it is most often prescribed as off-label for insomnia. The best thing about trazodone is that it is not addicting or habit-forming.

For the Treatment of Pain. There is an ongoing research about the benefits of antidepressants for the treatment of certain pain disorders, but this is not yet formally approved by the US FDA. It is assumed that its ability to treat pain is due not to the antidepressant’s effect on a person’s mood, but rather to the medication’s impact on transmission of pain signals through nerve fibers.

For Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Antidepressants are not recommended to treat standard PMS, but it can be an appropriate treatment for an underlying condition known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). PMDD usually happens when the PMS is severe.

For the Cessation of Smoking. Bupropion is a popular antidepressant that can help with smoking cessation.

“It’s marketed under the name Zyban for this particular indication.” However, for depression it’s marketed as Wellbutrin,” says Rosenthal. 

For Weight Loss. The majority of antidepressants cause some weight gain, but there are kinds like Prozac and Welbutrin, which are known to cause weight loss. These drugs affect the levels of dopamine, which controls energy, appetite and motivation. If you want a quick weight loss program or method, affordable bariatric surgery might also be a good way.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Preparing Yourself For Surgical Weight Loss

Surgery for weight loss is a serious undertaking and should be considered only as your last resort of losing weight. Bariatric surgery presents an opportunity for those who remain severely obese after trying non-surgical approaches and have an obesity-related disease.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How Good Nutrition Plays a Big Role in Mental Health

One of the most significant factors that contribute to mental health is the role of nutrition. Aside from the impact that nutrition can contribute to short and long-term mental health, studies also indicate that food has a basic role in the development, management and prevention of specific mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease. Minding your food intake is not only related to the quick ways to lose weight in Jacksonville FL, but for your mental health as well.

Did you know that people who are dealing with health problems are the ones who are more likely to experience weight problems? Some people always feel tired and hungry. This is the reason why goodnutrition is always involved in any medical weight loss program. Eating well keeps your weight in normal state and allows your body to obtain necessary food groups and vitamins that it needs. Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables per day was related to better mental wellbeing in a fresh study at the University of Warwick in the UK.

Having abalanced diet does not only make a huge difference to one’s physical health,but is a great shot in one’s mental health as well. You can ensure balanced mood and feelings of well-being with a diet that provides sufficient amounts of complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and water.

Today, there is no denying that our eating habits and “eating” itself is very different from that of our recent ancestors. Food production and manufacturing techniques, coupled with fluctuating lifestyle and growing access to processed foods mean that our intake of fresh, nutritious foods gets lower, as our intake of fat, sugar, alcohol and additives becomes higher. Make it a conscious effort to be very picky when it comes to the types of food that you eat. Read labels or start growing your own vegetables in your backyard.

Furthermore,you can avoid depression by taking in more foods rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is thought to play a role in Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is  a type of depression that commonly begins in the fall, lasts through winter and subsides in the sunnier spring and summer months. It also helps the body absorb calcium for strong teeth and bones. Fishes like salmon and tuna have the most naturally occurring Vitamin D. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hormone Imbalances That Hinder Your Success In Losing Body Fat

If you have been experiencing these hormonal imbalances, seek lifestyle improvement. You may also see your doctor and ask if you are qualified for a weight loss surgery. Affordable gastric bypass couldbe an ideal solution for you.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Should You Choose Low-Carb Diet Over the Low-Fat Fad?

Many have been trying to lose weight lately,  but aside from looking good, one should also focus on preventing cardiovascular disease. With these goals, low carb is definitely the way to go. This is based on researchers from Tulane University, Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins University in the US. 
 “Carbohydrates, in general, are not the kind of neutral dietary component that we thought they were,” said Dr. Lydia Bazzano of Tulane University, the study’s lead researcher. “[Historically] they were often at the base of the dietary pyramid.”

In the past years, few things have been debated as to what is the better diet. Should it be a diet with lesser carbohydrates or fat? Many believe that too much fat in the diet is the primary cause of all kinds of health problems, including heart disease. Most mainstream health organizations have maintained this position. 

However, a growing number of studies opposing the low-fat dietary approach has been released. Recent studies suggest that limiting carbohydrate intake works better than trimming dietary fat. But the low-carbohydrate diet has apparent disadvantages like not getting enough fiber. Fiber is essential in reducing the risks of heart disease and studies suggest that it can aid in weight loss too by making people feel fuller. 

If you need to lose weight fast in Palm Harbor FL, being mindful of your diet is very important. Studies like these tell us that choosing the right kind of diet can hit two birds at one stone. Heart disease has been one of the leading causes for one out of every three deaths in the U.S. today. Thus, it pays to be smarter when it comes to picking the right kinds of food to eat. 

Weight loss for women has been a common goal, so if you are hoping to make dietary changes that improve your waistline and maintain your heart health at the same time, make sure that you watch your diet very well. You may also consider bariatric surgery or other minimally invasive techniques for weight loss. Above all else, keeping a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a diet that can be followed long-term is the best way to keep the body in good shape and keep the heart healthy. 

When it comes to picking the best diet for weight loss and a healthy heart, low-carb may beat low-fat, as suggested by new studies. So should you give up the low-fat fad? Speak with a medical weight loss team for an ideal diet plan.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stop Emotional Eating

If there is a kind of love that we can consider the truest. That would probably be the love for food. But just like the love you know, love for food can also drive you crazy until you reach the top then dunk you at once into health problems. So before you become a complete emotional eater, open your eyes and weigh yourself. Learn how to lose weight quickly with the weightloss programs in Tyrone Fl.

Are You a Good Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

If you have been on and off the weight loss wagon and you feel like your efforts are not doing any good, you may want to consider weight loss surgeries that can help you lose weight and stay healthy.  However, the decision is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of important things that you need to bear in mind and it really pays to be educated about these things. 

Gastric bypass surgery is also known as “restrictive” surgical procedure. It works by restricting the amount of food that your stomach can hold. It is considered as one of the most successful surgeries, especially when it is accompanied by a permanent lifelong change in your diet and lifestyle. The success of the surgery or any safe weight loss programs in Westchase FL basically depends on the person in the long run

Weight loss surgery is a serious step toward overcoming obesity, but not everybody is a good candidate for the procedure. This is due to underlying medical conditions or lifestyle habits, such as smoking. You have to consider your lifestyle and the responsibilities that you will have in your hand after the surgery. The following are some indications or qualifications that will make you a good candidate for weight loss surgery

ü  You must be at the right age. 

Although there's no specific age limit for gastric bypass surgery, patients that are over 64 years old must be referred by a doctor and he has to be in good health. The risks that are associated with surgery can get higher for older people and it also remains controversial for people under age 18.

ü  You must be at a healthy psychological status.

You are not a good candidate if you presently suffer binge-eating disorder, substance abuse, depression, anxiety disorders and issues related to childhood sexual abuse. This is because mental conditions like these can contribute to obesity and can even make your case worse. It will also be difficult for you to maintain the health benefits of gastric bypass surgery. Your doctor will postpone the surgery to make sure that your condition is properly treated and managed.

ü  You must have a good medical condition. 

Your medications, the amount of alcohol you drink and whether you smoke or not will be evaluated. The results of these tests and examinations will determine if you can be a good candidate for weight loss surgery.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Obesity as an Epidemic and Four Ways to Treat this Serious Health Risk

Losing weight is one of the hardest goals for many and not everyone realize that one of the most efficient ways to be able to lose weight is maintaining a healthy diet. It was reported recently that junk food is as addictive as heroin. It looks like fatty and sugary snacks activate the same pleasure centres in the brain as drugs and this can explain why many people cannot resist the temptation brought by unhealthy snacks.

In relation to this, the problem with  obesity is getting more serious. In fact, recent reports say that more than one-third of adults are obese. Obesity characteristically results from  eating too much, but getting too little physical activity.  It may also be due to genetics. In order to avoid weight gain, one should be more conscious in picking the right kinds of food to eat and having an active lifestyle. If you think you are gaining too much fat and worse, you are already considered obese, you have to constantly find ways on how to lose weight quickly.

Treatment of Obesity


The safest and most effective way to treat obesity is through eating the right kinds of food at the right time and living an active lifestyle. You may need to be more conscious in reducing your calorie intake.


Physical activity may help you lose weight.

It also may help you keep weight off once you lose it. Many obese people think they cannot exercise, but everyday physical activities such as walking, climbing stairs, doing chores, and dancing can help you lose weight if done daily for at least 30 minutes.


This has something to do with having the right kind of attitude. You may have to examine your eating habits and exercise routines very well. If it seems like all your plans are not working because you do not have the motivation to keep on going, you may have to chance your attitude towards these things. Techniques that are related to behavioral modifications are actually very easy to learn and practice. Support groups are one form of behavioral therapy. You may also get yourself involved on safe weight lose programs.


Bariatric surgery is a popular treatment method for obesity. It alters the stomach or the intestines so that the person digests less food or is content with less food.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Significance of Gastric Surgery

What gastric bypass surgery primarily does is to change the way your stomach and your small intestines handle the food that you eat. The process cause for you not to experience the usual hunger that you feel.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Obesity: Treatment and Prevention of This Serious Health Risk

Obesity is a serious problem that many Americans are dealing with these days. If you can already consider yourself as an obese person, you have to work hard to get back in shape. You should have a good diet plan and make sure that you are living a healthy and active lifestyle. While relying on bariatric surgery in Tampa seems to be a great idea, you have to remember that weight loss is a long term goal and you have to make sure that you do it the right way. 

Treatment of obesity starts with ample lifestyle management and that includes your diet, physical activity, behavior modification, etc. If you need to lose weight fast in St Petersburg Fl, your effort is going to be more successful if you are going to follow a long-term plan. Your doctor can help you with it. A rational goal might be to begin making lifestyle changes by doing more physical activities and eating healthy foods. Your primary goal should be to advance your health, not to achieve an ideal weight. 

How About Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is one of the most popular treatment options for people whose cases can already be considered as obese. It is safe and effective, resulting in a weight loss of 40 to 80 percent of excess weight, depending on the selected procedure. 

1. Restriction

The main objective of the surgery is to somehow lessen the amount of food the stomach can hold, which limits the amount of calories you can take. 

2. Malabsorption

This is a kind of surgery that aims to condense or bypass some parts of the small intestine. This is going to decrease the amount of calories and nutrients that the body absorbs. 

Prescription Medications and Diet

Orlistat is one of the most popular prescription medications. The most generally suggested medications work by either hindering how fat is absorbed, or by creating a feeling of fullness.

There is no single rule that is applicable to every obese person, but most patients are advised to lessen their energy intake from their diet by 600 calories a day. The best way to do so is to replace unhealthy foods like fast foods and processed foods to healthier choices. It is also advisable to avoid those containing high levels of salt as these can raise your blood pressure, which can be risky in people who are already obese. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Safe and Effective Surgical Procedures Gainesville for your Weight Problems

Diet and exercise are the most common and surefire ways of getting rid of the body’s excess fat. There are now a lot of different kinds and variations of diet programs and exercise regimes that are being offered in the market. Each of them caters to the specific needs and preference of a person seeking to end his or her weight problems. 

While the industry of diet and exercise programs continue to boom, there are situations and cases when these methods are simply not enough to solve the problems with weight of some individuals. There are times when the individual’s problem was in a serious state already that engaging in this program are simply not enough, and there are also cases when there is an urgent need to trim the weight down because of threat of other health problems. When this happens, people resort to quick and effective surgical procedures Gainesville that could attend to their weight problems easily and quickly. 

There are various kinds of surgical procedures that specifically cater different cases of weight problems. One of the most well known is the bariatric surgery. This procedure helps control the patient’s food intake and the absorption of food in the stomach. It is known to be an effective treatment for obesity and other serious weight troubles. 

There are a lot of affordable bariatric surgery clinics that you could check out if you want to explore the possibilities of this method. To be able to get the best deal that would not force you to burn a hole in your pocket, but at the same time guaranteeing wonderful results, you could try checking out several clinics that provide this service and compare their fees, and the kind of service that they give. You could get your fingers on some internet research to check out necessary information about a clinic you have an eye on. Reading reviews and comments from past patients could help you get a glimpse of how your own procedure would go. This would also serve as your guide as to whether a certain clinic is fit for your needs or not. 

The quality of service is also very important, so be sure to keep an eye on that factor too. Learn about the person who would be handling your surgery. Check out the things that he has done before, and if possible, get in touch with some of his past patients to make sure that he is good at what he is doing and you could trust such sensitive procedure in his hands. Some surgeons are also available online, you could get a lot of vital information like the field of their expertise and how long they have been performing this procedure from their website or information pages. 

Medical advancements have allowed us to do a lot of things in an easier way, but before we jump into a certain procedure, we must make sure that we are well informed so that we could ensure guaranteed effective result that would last.