Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reflecting a Different New You

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”; “First impression lasts”, both are well known sayings, but as you can see, it’s very contradicting. But how could anyone not judge according to ‘looks’ when the first impression would begin upon laying one’s eyes on a thing? Humans are by nature that way.  We usually judge people by the outside and not by the inside appearance. That’s the very reason why physical appearance is a matter of utmost importance for many.  Some become too much vain just to look their best.  Sad to say, that those people who were not gifted with physical beauty and those who were once attractive physically suffer from depression which often leads to eating disorder or binge-eating.  Result?  Obesity!

Before they notice, they have already acquired the illness.  In fact, studies show that last 2009, 23% of UK population are obese; while in USA, 34% has been recorded.  Even countries tagged as the “3rd World” have high possibilities to develop obesity.  Some obese persons have decided to lose weight to gain self confidence. But due to the illness itself, loosing weight has become a problem for them. According to some researches made to find cure for obesity, patients who were treated for Gastric Ulcer or Gastric Cancer had reduced weight drastically when they underwent surgery. They applied the same medical surgery to other obese patients for verification purposes and found good results too.  After years of practice and observation, they came up with a solution.  The top procedures that were performed as well as the percentage of weight loss are the following:

v  Gastric Bypass Surgery  --  72%
v  Gastric Sleeve Surgery   --  68%
v  Gastric Band Surgery     --   56%

These procedures are related to bariatric surgery.  A person eligible for this surgery should discuss the matter together with a bariatric surgeon.  A patient must be fully aware about the pros and cons of the various procedures before undergoing, during and after the surgery.  These procedures are not only an option to cure obesity, but it can also help resolve weight related problems such as:

v  Type II Diabetes
v  Hypertension
v  Asthma
v  Sleep Apnea

After considering all the important issues you have to know from your Doctor, you will definitely be sure of the decision you are about to make.  Reflect yourself as a different new ‘you’!  Regain the self confidence you have been dreaming of!  Make changes for the better and start a new, healthy and beautiful life!

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