Sunday, June 21, 2015

Looks Does Matter!

You always hear that familiar saying from someone you love. From your mother who gave birth to you. Or maybe, from that person who is always at the pulpit, or maybe from that kind of teacher who always motivate you.  “Physical appearance does not matter the most,but the inside.

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But don’t take it wrong, it’s true that personality is more important than outside appearance but it doesn’t mean that looks is not that significant. Remember that in a human society, looks are what people judge first. And we can’t blame each other; we are predisposed to judge others on what we see. Humans tend to rely on visual prowess to get information from a person that we first met.

And a popular opinion that a person who does not care about his or physical appearance has a more probability that he or she is eccentric.  For he or she does not care about what others might say about them. And longing for a partner that look nicely is a kind of selfishness. And even if you are really good in the inside, you will have that high probability to get a job, have a significant someone, be confident, and many more, if only you have a good balance appearance.

Imagine you are run by a thief. A thief who runs fast or maybe you are trying to catch that last bus schedule that you almost missed. And you are unfit and barely can breathe running. Imagine that struggle if you’re unfit. It is important to have good looks.

But let’s accept the fact that it’s hard to maintain a good appearance from this world that is full of tempting unwholesome foods and unhealthy lifestyle. Several people try diet pills, diet menu, exercise routine. Many try a weight loss procedure just like in Lakeland.  Some with enough money hires a Weight Loss Surgeon to have that stunning body to showcase at Flagler Beach. And some just comb their hair and keep their clothes clean as possible to say silently that “I care for myself.”

No matter what kind of caring for yourself you do, it is important to maintain a good appearance for looks does matter.

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