Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fears About Surgery

At least, a point in your life required that you undergo what you might consider as the greatest medical treatment you have ever experienced. Getting sick is a way that our body shows that it can’t adapt to what it is being exposed to. This is normal. However, in many cases, there are some medical treatments or procedures that require the medical practitioner to get through the patients skin, add or remove something from the inside. We all know this as surgery.

An article written on www.spine-health.com stated that surgery is an “unnatural” act to our body as the latter was not design to receive cuts and have something taken and/or added to it. This is where fear among patients, who are scheduled to undergo a surgical operation, comes. Let us take vascular surgery in some clinics in Daytona Beach for an instance. You might think of it as just a minimally invasive surgery but the fear doesn't end just right there. The fear on surgery isn't cleared by the type of operation one might undergo. 
One of the worries of patient as well as the relatives about a surgery lies on its success. Anxiety as they say. This is experienced before the operation is performed. It includes some doubts or questions if the illness or damage in the body will be mended.  The fear on the surgery’s outcome can actually pave financial concerns. It is also very common to fear scalpels, needles, and other surgical tools, particularly among children.  On the other hand, during the operation, the fear mingles with the patient’s relatives. As we all know, the ratio of survival and death can always be 50:50 during a surgical operation because at such point, the body condition is unstable. The process is always full of surprises but, certainly, not all are in favor of the patient. And it is at this moment also that they we get to doubt the surgeon’s ability just because we start getting paranoid of the situation.

After a successful surgery, another fear pops out on the patient’s side. That is, when he or she thinks of the scar that the incisions made on her body would leave scars. This is something that can’t be easily avoided. Say the bariatric surgeries done in Daytona Beach. After getting a favorable result from the operation one would be conscious of his physical appearance. This is also one reason that Dr. Christian Birkedal of Florida Hospital focuses on minimally invasive surgery.

Basically, trust on the efficiency of the procedure, on the institution that practices certain medical procedure, and on the surgeon himself are the only ones that can take away this fear. This is why it is very important to choose the best hospital or clinic. Surgery is a very different story from the usual treatments. It is more complicated and risky. A little mistake done along with such an operation can simply kill the patient. We are in the modern world where painless surgical procedures are more available but the anxieties about what might happen next are still there and are strong among first time – surgery patients. 

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